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Barbara is part of the Advisory Council for International Outreach Mission, Inc. She has been an integral part of our team for several years and has assisted with our homeless outreaches.


In addition, as an accomplished writer, she has provided counsel, guidance, and expertise for Bella's book, 22 Hours – A Journey Through Eternity.

My Biblical Life Verse

“Do not be forgetful to entertain strangers as you may be entertaining angels unawares.”

(Hebrews 13:2)

I believe that our mission in life is to help others by using the gifts given to us by God.

My Story

I grew up as a member of the baby boomer generation in Ohio. I moved to Jacksonville, Florida, in 1968 where I married. I now have one daughter, two grandsons, and one great-grandson.

I have been a legal assistant by profession for over 40 years.  I worked as an assistant to a county court judge for over 20 years and continue to work as a paralegal in a local law firm, which I believe is another divine calling by God on my life.


Having been given the gift of encouragement and the heart of a teacher or pastor, I have used these gifts by serving the Lord in several ways, including teaching Sunday School and Vacation Bible School to grade-school children for over 20 years – I learned the Bible through the mind of a child.

In 2017, after learning of the struggle of the fate of the honeybees, I wrote and published a book called Willoughby with the hopes of spreading awareness of their importance to the environment. The book can be purchased through


Another avenue I found to serve the Lord is through the women’s Bible study group called The Kitchen Table, which I began several years ago. This group helps our sisters in Christ come to the awareness of the love that Jesus has for them and to have the knowledge of who they are in Christ by getting to know Him intimately through the scriptures, through ministries, and through the coming together and sharing with others. As a group, we enjoy fervent prayer, Bible study, heartwarming fellowship, and (of course) great food!


TKT has recently evolved into "Breaking Bread" – a Bible study group whose purpose is deep study of Scripture. It is a private group on Facebook, only accessible by invitation. You can contact me through my Facebook page or via my email address below for more information. You can also view my videos on my "Breaking Bread" Channel on YouTube.

my testimony

For years, I wondered why Jesus saved my soul back in 1979 but did not have any direct influence on many of my friends or family. I was ridiculed by my family and friends for years because of my faith. Their opinion was that I turned to God because I needed a “crutch.”


But God!  God continued to show up in my life in many amazing ways, including healing from cancer three times and once of congestive heart failure.  It became apparent that since I was doing things that appeared to be above and beyond what would have been expected of me, that I did seem to have some “divine” assistance. Now, in 2022, I have seen the salvation of many of my family members, children, many co-workers, and friends.


In retrospect, I have come to believe that God saved my soul back in 1979 – not because I have done anything to deserve His love or attention. He knew that His Glory would be revealed through me when everyone would see that my “crutch” is made of solid gold – and not by man. My “crutch” is Jesus Christ – the salvation and lover of my soul. My “crutch” will never leave me or forsake me – or have me begging for bread. My “crutch” also saved many of my family members, co-workers, and friends.


​​To connect with Barbara, contact her by email or via her Facebook page

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